nap drug

One of the stops on our many errands today was near a curiosity shop, so we stopped in and immediately met two great shop cats. One was a big orange tabby with six toes on each of his paws, and the other was a tortie much like Zen who drooled when I pet her.

Frankenfinger is itch-tastic today. I picture a tiny electrician sorting through all the severed mess: every once in a while he plucks two nerves out of the bunch and slams them back into each other and I go through the roof.

Zen is the nap drug. This evening I went home to check on her mental state through our last two little earthquakes and decided to watch a recorded episode of “Bones” and she curled up with me. Before I knew it, the better part of an hour had elapsed. Unreal.

With all the errand-running the MSG and I did today, he still managed to treat me to Green Apple, which means that I have a new (used) book to savor. Off to do that now.

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