exceeds expectations

Fell asleep on the couch and almost forgot to post something before going to bed. Here I am.

My year-end review at work went well today. It made me think about year-end reviews for non-work life. You could solicit feedback from your friends and family, and they would rate your overall performance as a human being.

Bonuses would get tricky, I think.

The rain chomped my cheapo umbrella to bits, so I am using the one I got at work, an automatic push-button Mary Poppins contraption. It has ShedRain technology, says the label, a good technology for an umbrella to have. My last one had KeepRain and also TurnInsideOutInAnyBreeze.

And now to sleep, so that I may wake up early to enjoy the Graffeo coffee and lovely mug that Inkbot gave me. Yum.

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