getting things made-up

As I am only marginally female, I must share with you when I get excited about a girly product. The Studio Basics Planner – a modular organizer for cosmetics and other personal items – is truly a handy tool. It has pockets, sure, but that’s nothing special. The cool part is that it has a six-ring binder spine inside, with zippered compartments that you can attach to or detach from the rings. There’s also a removable jewelry case, which is nice for paranoid people like me who prefer not to leave their valuables in checked baggage.

This purchase was made at my trusty neighborhood drugstore, but don’t go out and buy it for yourself. Let Santa bring it to you in a couple of weeks!

In other news, the MSG is now using a calendar. An online calendar. He who eschews Web Anything Dot Anything. It brings tears to my eyes, and also the apocalypse nears.

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