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Saturday was the low point of this slump. I did a lot of thinking on my own and talking with the MSG and came to some conclusions. Significant though they may be, none of them are exciting enough to share. Suffice it to say that I have some housecleaning to do inside my head, and I’m sorry if I worried anyone. That’s all I want to write about that.

Today the MSG and I worked out at his gym and had brunch and ran some errands and planned what we’ll be cooking during our trip to PA to visit my dad. I am looking forward to the trip for many reasons, and am particularly excited to show the MSG where I spent part of my life. Plus, there will be snow and a Christmas tree and a big black lab named Gracie.

Time to do some holiday shopping online while listening to some new CDs: Fischerspooner’s Odyssey, Sia’s Colour the Small One, and Prefuse 73’s Security Screenings. Ah, computers.

Is anyone playing “LOST” (not related to the ABC show)? If you need to be invited, here you go. It looks pretty neat.

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