ministry of comfy beds

My new bedding arrived a day earlier than I expected. The flannel sheets, duvet cover, and shams are so luscious and so difficult to resist after a day full of meetings and mild frustrations. Too bad I have to be up extra early for another six-hour (!) meeting tomorrow; this is now a bed built for a snooze button.

Inkbot and I finished “Angel” last night. The finale was quite satisfying, but we’re both a little blue that it’s all over. Soon we’ll start in on “Battlestar Galactica”, but not before a short mourning period, during which I am determined to catch up with my much-neglected reading list.

As I walked down Market Street with my boss after work, I heard a familiar voice. I looked up, and there was Jonathan. As I walked home from the subway, someone walked out of the Chinese restaurant and tugged on my sleeve. I looked over, and there was Courtney. Living in such a small big city is terrific on days like today: all I have to do is look around, and there are smiles from my friends.

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