holidailies begin

If I’ve set this up properly, you should be reading my very first email-to-blog post to kick off my participation in Holidailies 2006. This means I will be writing online every day in December. I’m not including Flickr photos or links in that, so it may very well get bizarre.

Today is also World AIDS Day. HIV is the exact opposite of a cute online writing project. HIV is cruelly and painfully stealing remarkable people from us. Get informed, inform others, and donate to the cause if you can. I hear Bono’s already on it. That Bono. What a guy.

I am going to finish my sandwich of artichoke hearts, pesto, and brie – great in theory, not so much with the holding together – and crank out some work before the big holiday shindig this evening. Apparently there will be swing dancing lessons. I wonder how well that mixes with free booze. We shall see.

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