you’ll shoot your eye out

And here we are in the long, guilt-ridden march until December 25th, this soggy parade of indiscriminating materialism during which I am miserably certain that I will buy each person in my life exactly what she doesn’t want or need, thus creating the dreaded re-gifting scenario that haunts my listless dreams.

That said, I want a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi and don’t tell me that I’ll shoot my eye out!

Thanksgiving and the day after were quite peaceful, filled with delicious food and good company and absolutely no shopping. Today we continue the holiday with the other half of the MSG’s family. Eating as celebration makes me very happy, as you might have guessed.

Does anyone know of a computer game that is like Myst plus Little Computer People plus Creatures? Because I want to play that game, and nothing else, back and forth, forever.

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