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simulated humility

Work overwhelmed me this week. For the first time since I started, I felt like maybe I had made a mistake, like I was losing my grip not because I was new but because I really couldn’t do it.

And just when I was feeling so proud of myself for pushing myself outside my comfort zone, and for dealing with instances in which I didn’t immediately know how to do something or where to find something. Then this week happened, and I’d like to chalk it up to the final push of Mercury in retrograde but really it was that pause between being new and being a full-fledged part of something. This is a good time to learn some humility.


little computer people home view My second course of antibiotics is now complete, which means that if I don’t feel better by Monday I’m going to have to see the doctor again. Always a pleasure. I am avoiding the thought of this by playing my favorite old Commodore 64 game, Little Computer People, which was sold by Activision in 1985. Though I have lost interest in The Sims, its flashier descendant, LCP still holds my attention. Thanks to the Power64 emulator, I don’t have to know why; I just play it.


The MSG took me to one of Oliveto’s truffle dinners on Thursday. I hadn’t spent much time savoring truffles before meeting the MSG. I think they might be his favorite food, if he had one. Now, I eat them whenever I can, not only because I think they are inimitably delicious but because I want to experience something he is so passionate about. The dinner was outstanding, to say the least, and I wish I had photos for you but I forgot my camera. Duh me.

No truffles tonight, but a great-smelling homemade chicken soup is almost complete. The MSG made even the stock from scratch. It is like having my own personal chef, and I try not to take it for granted.

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