skype scrape

That last post was a little snotty, and I apologize. I’m just tired of listening to people bitch and whine and then not vote. It makes no sense to me. Anyway, I am trying not to hold my breath over Prop 85, so I’ll write about something else.

The MSG and I celebrated our third anniversary up the coast. We relaxed, cooked, read, played games, hiked, watched DVDs and still found time to take some photos.

Last Thursday we got back to the grind, which for me has been only a little grindy. More of a scrapey, really. Socially, it’s been gravy. I also got my free Skype Moo MiniCards in the mail. Because my scanner mysteriously decided to start working again tonight, I can share these cuties with you. It’s unfortunate that, despite actually paying for a Skype number ages ago, I have misplaced my password and after repeated requests they won’t give it to me or even just reset it for me. I even have the PayPal receipt! That is, in my opinion, inexcusably bad customer service on Skype’s part.

At least my Flickr Moo MiniCards should be coming soon …

Update: Skype reset my password for me! Hooray! It’s good to have helpful friends.

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