don’t judge

When I first took the Myers-Briggs test over a decade ago, I was right on the line between ENFP and the introverted counterpart, INFP. Not one for ambivalence, I took it again, with a result of INFP. I thought it was pretty fascinating for about a week, then promptly forgot about it.

Then last week, I was required to retake the test in preparation for a workshop I enrolled in that is supposed to give me insights into other people and help me learn to interact more effectively with them. So I did, this time with a Scantron sheet, so it wasn’t self-scored. The result was INFJ. And not just a little on the Judging side, versus Perceiving; it’s my clearest dichotomy.

Reading the materials supplied by the workshop coordinators, I’m surprised that I was so convinced of my INFP-ness for so long. I was initially a bit horrified by the Judging part, but I was assured that it doesn’t stand for “judgmental”, though I certainly have been. The creepiest part was the mention of how INFJs, when stressed out, tend to obsess over trivial data or reorganize things that are already organized.

It’s not like I ever pack and unpack my purse, trying to ascertain the best way in which to order the items in the pockets, quadruple-checking the essentials, which might include a hidden $20 bill and an “in case of emergency” card and a half-dozen hand wipes.


Anyway, I already know I’m a bit buggy; I’m looking forward to this workshop so I can learn how to better figure out other people. Also, I would like to be completely healed, and I want my Moo cards to arrive in the mail already, and I want to learn Catalan. Also it would be nice to have peace in the world, and in my neighborhood a Goodwill donation place open until midnight. Or really anything open until midnight. Other than the liquor store. Thank you and goodbye.

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