today’s news

Me: Sometimes I just feel like yesterday's news.     (pause) The MSG: But you're today's news!     (pause) Both crack up.

I don’t know why I pull moods like that, but I’m glad I’m with someone who can help me pull right back out of them.

In two weeks, we’ll heading up the coast for a mini-vacation to celebrate our third anniversary. Three years! I would say something like “I can’t remember my life without him” but that would be untrue and extremely creepy.

We had an exciting weekend, which is always the case when someone asks me around lunchtime on Friday, “Got anything exciting planned for the weekend?” and I respond, “Blissfully, no.” Which is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the weekend thoroughly. I just need a weekend for my weekend.

I started my holiday shopping over the weekend, which is either extremely organized and awesome or even more obsessive than I can ever remember being, which is to say A LOT. I also had a dream about taking all the clothes out of my closet and putting them into piles marked Yes, No, and Maybe, then putting all the Yes clothes back in, putting the No clothes in bags for Goodwill, and putting the Maybe clothes back in only if there is room left.

I woke up from this dream smiling. Why don’t I have dreams about flying? Because flying isn’t organized, that’s why. It’s all willy-nilly with the sailing about.

I really need this vacation.

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