new feature: frazzle me friday

I was recently a guest of “3 Fast, 3 Furious” for a podcast on cheating, treachery and deceit. The podcast hosts (podhosts?) were talking a bit about their message board, and it made me miss some of the interaction on my site in the olden days. You know the olden days. Like, 2002. Anyway, in order to kickstart the crazy, I am implementing a new feature here at

Frazzle Me Friday! It’s kind of like Tickle Me Elmo, only NO TICKLING.

All day Fridays, I will be taking your requests for my next entry here. You may ask me to photograph something I see everyday, or review one of those super-awesome Web 2.0 services you hear the kids talking so much about, or recite a poem, or write something about my first pet fish, Fred. Anything you like. I’ll pick one and do it.

Some ground rules:

  • No sexually explicit requests. Anyone who decides to go this route will be forever banned from FMF. There are plenty of websites for that, and this has never been one of them.
  • No illegal or unethical requests. Forever banned, etc.
  • Nothing that must involve another person. I can barely get myself motivated to do projects, let alone convince someone else! But if your request would be better with someone else involved, please specify that and I can do what I can.
  • I get until the following Friday to post it. Because that’s how I roll.
Ready? Go.

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