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Google Reader got some nifty updates, but it still doesn’t support digest authentication. (Or does it? I can’t find it, but it might be buried in the name of newbie-friendliness, so please correct me here.) Until it does, I can’t use it to read my LiveJournal friends’ locked posts, so I won’t be switching over. If this isn’t a concern for you, I recommend giving Google Reader a spin. The UI is much like Gmail, nice and clean and fast, plus there is built-in “sharing” functionality now so you can make your own link log. People can read your shared links on a webpage, via a feed, or through a widget you embed in your own site. Good stuff.

Thus ends Week Eight – also known as Month Two – of the new job. How can that be? It seems like only yesterday that I was escorting myself into broom closets and flailing at badge readers. Today Jaime came back from London and threw malted milk balls at coworkers with me and all is right again on our quarter of the floor. Everything I say about the place seems insufficient because I’m happy to be there nearly every moment I’m there. I only put a caveat on that because some meetings are dreadful by their very nature and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. There aren’t too many of those, though.

Most of the clothes my mom helped me buy in Chicago arrived. My closet has become a personal history lesson, and not a compelling one. The next step is the one I always dread: going through it all, and actually removing it from my room. I’m not a pack-rat; I’m one of those “all or nothing” folks who just wants to get rid of it all with one painful yet efficient maneuver instead of taking a box at a time. Then again, “a hatred of extraneous action” can be shorthand for “outright laziness”.

Time for some extremely efficient maneuvering into a 30-minute nap before dinner with my dear ShannonK. I close with one of the most remarkable things I have ever read, by John M. Ford and Elise Matthesen. Goodbye, Mike.

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