would be enough

The new iTunes is displeased with my request for it to fetch album artwork. Earlier it was stuck on 140 of 1300; now I am happy to see it has progressed to 217 in a mere three hours. I will persist.

The rest of my trip to Chicago was lovely, especially time spent with Adam, my friend of 19 years. He’s one of the few people I can and do say anything to, and trust that he’ll do the same.

While I was visiting my mom, I was happy to get her all situated with a new wireless router and a new mobile phone. Until I became an adult, I had no idea how great it could feel to help the people you care about.

Little bits and pieces have been surreal as of late. I’ve met two Flickr friends for the first time offline. Though I’ve made the online-to-offline transition with more people than I can count now, it is still strange when it is so effortless. I didn’t have nearly enough time with either ellipse, a brief hour lunch, or Brock, a brief five-hour dinner. What amount of time would be enough?

The gym was harder today than it’s been since I returned, but I attribute most of that to the television-watching choice I made. “Everybody Loves Raymond” is truly a bad show. I wish the cardio machines had proper book-stands, or that I had a proper work-out playlist for my iPod. Any suggestions?

On a whim, I picked up Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell only to find out (online, of course) that a friend is reading the same novel. I should recommend to him and anyone else wishing to dream and feel and perhaps be a little sad Ishiguro’s dreamlike Never Let Me Go.

It’s true that I don’t have much to write about. You know the routine by now: someone finds contentment, balance, peace, whatever, and instantly their journal becomes B-O-R-I-N-G. Yeah, well, somehow I just can’t be too upset about that.

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