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For those of you reading via LiveJournal or an RSS reader, I think I have fixed the issue with my feed cutting off after the first sentence or two. The fix may spew out a bunch of old posts in the process, and I apologize for that.

After reading Thomas Hawk’s latest post on the calendaring site 30 Boxes, I decided to check it out again. Now, I have been content to use Google Calendar for my personal schedule and for social gatherings. They each have a great UI and a ton of people I know are using them already. No point in switching now.

The great thing about 30 Boxes to me is that now I don’t have to switch to gain value from it. If you’re using Upcoming and/or GCal to schedule your life, you can specify that in your settings, and it will show your events on your 30 Boxes calendar. Neat!

I also like the “Webtop” view, which looks like a desktop inside your browser window, and provides you with a one-line summary of your day (having only 1 event scheduled prompts a “your day looks easy” which made me laugh) as well as recent updates from your friends. But not just 30 Boxes updates: updates from wherever they are active on the web, if 30 Boxes knows about it, such as their weblog or LiveJournal posts, Flickr photos, Upcoming events, tracks, et cetera. Now that’s providing me with value.

I won’t go into all the excellent features of 30 Boxes here. Suffice it to say, if you choose it as your calendaring solution, you won’t be disappointed. My favorite perk is the ability to add events via email. The UI is very good overall, and the site seems pretty fast. There is a to-do list that I haven’t fiddled much with, but at least it exists (that was directed at you, GCal). 30 Boxes seems to have a lot more in store for us, and now I’ll be watching.

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