Today I was in an all-morning mandatory “onboarding” (god I hate that word) meeting and my exhaustion hit me like a sucker-punch. I felt like I was going to yarf in the middle of a review of business strategies, with all the fancy people looking on.

My exhaustion is all my own fault: I’ve felt all week like there weren’t enough hours to do all the things I’ve wanted to do, so I just stayed up and up and pushed myself past sleepiness and wow that is not a way to behave, not at my age, not at any age, and not while I’m trying to be a good productive worker bee.

I really need to be in bed by 23:00 tonight for tomorrow not to be painful. When I’m this tired, everything is yarftastic, even public transit. At the bus stop, an older man asked me what I was listening to, and was confused when I told him “lectures on physics”.

Thank goodness for Inkbot, who is picking up dinner right now, and for my new coworkers, who are bright and helpful and who make me laugh. Eating then sleeping now.

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