the good life

Bits and bytes:

This week I finally felt “at home” at work. I did things that needed to be done, and I understood the how and why of them. I attended meetings that made more sense. I felt comfortable enough around my new coworkers that I could let a little more of my personality come out to play. I even went to a work-related happy hour, and had a really good time.

My iPod mini, Magritte, died. He started to act up a month or so ago; the scroll wheel stopped scrolling unexpectedly, and the screen faded to the point of illegibility. This week he just … keeled over. The screen was trying to do something, as was the scroll wheel, but neither were willing to function enough for him to be usable. It made me sad, but I got over it after I took him to the Apple Store and took home a black iPod nano named Spike.

After work tonight, I had enough energy and ambition to attend the opening of the Foto 2+1 show with the MSG, and was so glad we did. There are some remarkable photographs in it, and I encourage you to stop by the Brickhouse CafΓ© to see them for yourself. (I also got to meet Harlow, who is even more adorable in person. In person? In puppy, more like it!)

And now, time for more Buffy and Angel before bed. It’s a good life.

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