bees above and below

I don’t know how long it will take for me to get used to this new sort of life, but I’m writing it all down so I have a clearer idea of how I deal with this sort of overwhelming change.

I met many intriguing people during my first week of the new job. I was prejudiced before, assuming that only boring people were in or linked to finance. It’s a lie; there are interesting people everywhere, if only you pay attention.

I was taken out to lunch every day last week, which was definitely a new experience for me, and one I know won’t continue but still. Wow. Food. I love food. So much food.

Of course, this brings me to the inevitable: I have to find a new gym! But that will sort itself out after the first paycheck.

This weekend has been excellent. Yesterday we went shoe-shopping at Camper. Last year in Barcelona, the MSG promised me a pair that we both promptly forgot about. Saturday, he surprised me with them! Now I have proper work shoes that are cute and comfortable, so I’ll actually enjoy wearing them. That’s one less thing to worry about. I didn’t plan for the whole business-casual fashion deal, and now every weekday morning I spend ten minutes frowning vaguely at my closet. Gotta do something about that, but o! how I hate shopping! Despite this hatred, I did manage to endure CompUSA long enough to replace my earbuds (Brock, you there?) with an insanely large pair of noise-canceling headphones that make me look like the biggest dorkepus ever but I do not care. No more nonconsensual ear penetration for me.

Today we gardened together, and had a bit of an adventure. Some friends of ours lent us some garden beds in their backyard for us to plant veggies and flowers. I was turning one side of the bed while the MSG was weeding the other, and we both heard this soft buzzing sound. Not knowing what it could be, we continued, and I was attacking one corner rather vigorously when suddenly the buzzing grew louder and erupted in an inch-long bumblebee that crawled out of the dirt and started flying in an attack pattern. We both squealed like little girls as we threw down our tools and leapt out of the way.

Apparently these things burrow! We city kids had no idea, and gardened rather delicately after that. The MSG planted some basil and cornichons, and I planted some Gaillardia aristata (a/k/a, charmingly enough, as “goblin” flowers). The rest of the herb garden is doing rather well on his deck, including the thyme, which we are using in the skirt steak marinade, and the epazote, which we are using in the black beans. It’s the MSG’s birthday today, and we’re celebrating with a proper meal. Mm, food.

Another odd thing happened today: we were driving down Potrero Avenue when we saw a Muni bus that had, instead of the usual bus number and name in the scrolly bit, “Emergency Please Dial 911”. We were a bit taken aback by that; thinking quickly, the MSG flagged down a SFPD officer and told him what we saw. The officer didn’t question the veracity of his statement at all, merely asked where the bus was headed and how long ago we saw it. I haven’t been able to track anything down on yet, but I’d be interested to know what all that was about. Could someone have really taken a Muni bus hostage? Dear god, why? I hear nefarious plots are timed to the minute. Muni schedules, not so much.

Everything is so bright and shiny. I’m performing a wedding ceremony on Saturday, and I get to meet 2 longtime Flickr friends the week after that. O yeah, and I’m going to Chicago in September for my very first business trip. My mom got us tickets for a taping of “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!” Booyah!

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