roiling and sweating

One week from tomorrow: Seattle! Well, really, boarding the train to Seattle. It’s a 23-hour ride. But hooray, I have train tickets and crash space and preliminary sightseeing plans! I also have maps and exclamation points!

Two weeks from tomorrow, my new job begins. I remember when I was a kid that about this time of the year my mom would take me shopping for school supplies. I remember cracking open that first notebook, uncapping that first pen, writing that first metadata on the blank page, ahh! I wonder if I’ll get that excited about my new coworkers, my new cube, my new business cards, my new bus pass … yeah, it’s me we’re talking about. I’ll get that excited.

The MSG mentioned something I hadn’t thought about while we were talking about my trip. He said, “How often do you get to go away on vacation and not worry about what’s piling up for you at work?” Great point! I fully intend to embrace the limbo that is the full-stop between Librarying and Webbifying.

In anticipation of this change, I have been having some funky dreams lately. Of course I’ve had the dreams that feature the library in some danger. Those were to be expected. But in another dream, I went to Hawaii to hand-deliver an “I’m sorry” quiche to a friend of mine, but I’m not sure what I was sorry about or how a quiche makes it better. Also, I dreamed about an ex and his current partner having a baby, which was bizarre enough, but some of my cousins were excited enough about it to throw them a baby shower. Um. Okay.

So my subconscious is roiling; that’s good. That means I’m attempting to process stuff. I just wish I had a big Fast-Forward button for the dream part.

And because no current post would be complete without mentioning the weather: I do not understand why I won’t just sweat, why my skin is stuck in this shivery pre-sweat phase. It’s like having goosebumps, only for heat. Sweating would be an improvement right now, and I can’t believe I just typed that.

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