just being

To quote Hawk: “I love the mornings where I wake up and simultaneously think ‘ow’ and ‘but I’d do that again’.” Yep. Last night I met up with him and the MSG at Blondie’s Bar and No Grill for martinis and fine conversation and a musical discovery: Blue Mire, a funky folk guitar-and-drums duo. I ran into Eddie there, who was his usual charming self, and it reminded me again how thankful I am that, through Flickr, I’ve met such cool locals.

I recovered this afternoon by the grace of ph? and a quiet library. Tonight I’m training a new student assistant who is a remarkably quick study and nice besides. Tomorrow is the farewell party for me and my employee and friend R, who gave notice 5 days before I did. Our department will definitely be different come August 1st.

The recorder people are on campus this week, and by “recorder” I mean the woodwind. They are brilliant and strange and so polite. Some of them carry gigantic velvet bags filled with their instruments. I will miss them.

I will miss a hundred things. I will not miss a hundred other things.

I am looking forward to my Seattle trip as a pause of Just Being between Librarying and Webbing. My friend Jen, who just got a gig as a public librarian, is going to run around the city with me. Since she was in web dev when we met, and I in libraries, the symbolism is incredibly satisfying.

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