Since one of my favorite bloggers raved about the latest release of Flock, I decided to check it out. I think it’s fine as a browser – how can you go wrong, starting from Firefox? – and the Flickr integration is pretty neat, but it’s still an unapologetic resource hog. Perhaps folks with newer and faster computers will make the switch; I’m quite happy with my three-year old 12” PowerBook, which runs Safari and Saft just fine. Speed of accessing information is much more important to me than all manner of social hoohah, and so I’m well outside of Flock’s target demographic.

I’m probably outside of MOG’s target demographic, too, since I’m no music geek, but I’m still having fun playing around with it. I can’t tell if the Mog-O-Matic software choked while I was at work, or if it’s still cataloging all of my music, because it queries Gracenote for each track. Still, I absolutely love websites that measure personal statistics, like what sort of music do I like and what other kinds might I like, that sort of thing. I think this sort of measurement and analysis is one of the most exciting things about the Web right now, although not quite as exciting as newsblogging. I’m so overwhelmed by the sheer number of excellent politics- and news-related sites that I usually end up stuck on The Raw Story and Which are your favorites?

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