I have the most bizarre craving right now. I want to watch “Pinocchio”. I don’t even remember liking “Pinocchio”, but I have that “hi-diddle-dee-dee, an actor’s life for me” song going through my head.

I am also craving Carson’s ribs. Maybe there would be nothing better right now than sitting down with a plate of these ribs, pear cider, and “Pinocchio” on DVD. Weird.

SFlickr was, as usual, lots of fun last night. I even got quality time with Shannon and Ergazork beforehand. A disproportionate number of photos of Shannon making all manner of goofy faces and gestures were taken. I met and won a buck off earthdog. quasistoic helped me win the buck by convincing a Crossroads employee to take this free movie pass off my hands. I had bet earthdog that someone in that cafe would want to see “The Lake House”. What a stupid, stupid bet for me to make. I mean, c’mon: Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in a romantic drama together? Yeesh. I thought I won before I actually did, because SFHandyman is a kind soul and was just going to take the pass so I could stop obsessing about it. Anyway, I left the buck as a tip, per quasi’s suggestion.

It is better than obsessing about other things, at least, like the fact that our government just made a martyr out of al-Zarqawi, or the fact that we’re all gonna die, or the fact that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are in a romantic drama together. Wait, no. Still obsessing about those things.

… and now “Pinocchio” too.

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