This is all I’ve got right now —

corresponded (for gregory)

many times today without thinking i looked for your name on my buddy list one line online roll-call and yes don’t be shocked (i was) you’re still gone

so i go sifting through a decade and i realize i have no box to open with no worn correspondence inside bound with a colored ribbon (burgundy like your old website)

instead i have the electronic equivalent of post-it notes instant jots lightning links volleyed jokes

can’t find cannot find the late-night bit-swept rowdiness the hey this is how you fix this the are you okay you’ve been quiet lately the i don’t know what the hell to do with it all all of these big little pieces

i don’t know where they go but i want to think you’re hanging on to them for me maybe you have your own stack your own ribbon (purple like my old website) and you can give them to me soon enough when we meet for the first time all over again

— Halsted M. Bernard

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