for tea one hun dread

I just discovered some bookmarks I saved on one of those sites.

4,100 of them, to be exact.  (I love that I stopped at exactly 4,100.)

I was making my own Intarweb!

Yesterday was an itchy day.  After a nap and some more of Iain Banks’ latest novel, I felt a bit better.  Plus, I treated myself to one of my all-time favorite comfort snacks: graham crackers with cream cheese.

When the library is all dark, after everyone but me has gone home, I like to sing in the stairwells.  Sometimes I dance.  It’s just like that quote people like to forward around in emails: dance like no one is watching, love like the ice weasels will never come.  No, wait.  I’ve gotten that wrong somehow.

A new podcast is on its way to you very, very soon.  Until then, please to be listening to 3 Fast, 3 Furious, because those women are fuh-huh-hunny.

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