thanks, TiVo

Thanks, TiVo, for recording the mildly entertaining yet ultimately pointless “let’s review nearly everything from season two” episode of “Lost” yet NOT THE TWO-HOUR SEASON FINALE.

I checked all the settings – date/time, “keep episodes until I delete them”, season pass priority of #1, etcetera – everything was set correctly. I thought the new Overlap Protection feature was supposed to prevent this from happening, but I guess it doesn’t work if it’s protecting a show from overlapping itself. My brain just broke, typing that sentence.

What sucks the most about this situation is how dependent on TiVo I have become. I don’t own a video iPod. ABC doesn’t repeat these episodes, at least not in a timely fashion. No one I know records TV to VHS anymore. What do I do?

Sign me, Trying not to sulk in San Francisco.

P.S. In order not to run across any spoilers, I will not be reading any other websites until I get this resolved. If something big happens in your life, please send notice via carrier pigeon.

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