watch for falling tags

After over a week of using WordPress for this site, I must say I am quite impressed. It’s fast, easy to tweak, and just plain purty. It’s also forcing me to learn more PHP.

I have a few things I’d like to fix:

  1. Install the plugin. (ditched in favor of feedlist plugin)
  2. Install the Gravatars plugin.
  3. Fix weird placement of Gravatars.
  4. Fix weird rendering on monthly archive pages like this one.
  5. Embed my LibraryThing widget on my books page only.Β  (figure out JavaScript problem)
  6. Do something real with my CV page. (as opposed to surreal?)
  7. Separate the "Cygnoir, Too" list items with commas. (if that doesn't too smushed)
  8. Find a way to incorporate the old logo, which I miss.
  9. Figure out caching for Flickr photos in the sidebar.
  10. Provide a contact form on my about page instead of an email address.

It’s a little strange no longer having a black, white, grey and aubergine color scheme anymore, but I was holding onto that a bit too tightly. Change is good.

Bless for bringing me Terranova this morning. Just what I needed to wake up.

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I give respect and reverence to those who came before me.