If napping is bad, why does it feel o so good? Curling up in my flannel sheets underneath my velvet down comforter and handmade afghan … yum.

But nightmares that occur during naps – napmares, I call them – are the worst. There’s not enough time for slow-on-the-uptake lucid dreamers to do anything.

My napmares often include situations in which I’ve done something foolish, bad enough that it impacts someone I care about, and I don’t know why I’ve done it because I’m inserted into the timeline right after I’ve been found out.

This latest napmare involved harassing an ex. It was ridiculous, something I’d never do in waking life, and I felt horrible about it. Not only had I hurt him, but I had upset the MSG too.

I suppose these happen for a very good reason: my conscience is putting on after-school specials for the rest of my mind to watch. It makes sense. But I don’t have to like it.

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