breakup poem

I thought I posted this here, but I guess not! Here we go, a first draft from a new poem, written a week and a half ago for a friend.

you say it was a bitter breakup i say it was supposed to taste good? i didn't know. the things we say when we don't want to say anything at all. the first day out. the first day outside once you are different, i say, that tastes good. sunshine tastes like vanilla and coffee tastes like freedom and everywhere dogs are especially waggy to you well maybe it didn't go down that way maybe it was a piece of shit day a crappy rainy day and though it wasn't cold, everything stuck to your arms like sweat we're clever and hindered brought together by absence and afterthought i'm going to share something with you in email. it's an attachment. it told me to send it to my best friends and here you go. every day, the email says, is a miracle. a fucking miracle, you want to say, is that i didn't swerve into oncoming traffic on the bridge. but every day, says the email, is a blessing from god. MY god, you say, never wrote a prayer like this. MY god, you say, doesn't encourage people to get back together with other people, doesn't let people lead yet other people on, and i would have to agree. my god doesn't either. someone's god is really pissing us off, then. every day, the email says, is a miracle, a gift of time you forgot you had, a breath before a sneeze, a slippery slope, a grin, a graft, and your god, my god, well, they are the same, and i'm sorry they didn't beat the other one at checkers this one time but there's always a next until there isn't.
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