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old to new

My handy little folding headphones are D-E-D dead. Yesterday I spent the ferry ride (longer than usual, because one of the catamarans is in dry-dock this week) twisting and turning and creasing and bending the right-side wire. As it turns out, the “Democracy Now!” podcast only in my left ear just makes me sleepy.

But I don’t want to buy new headphones. I don’t want to buy new anything anymore. Ever. (This week.) Recently I was a bit mopey about not having a commute carry-all with lots of pockets for various things I need on the commute that don’t go in my exactly-right-sized purse, so I refurbished an old thing I had. The thing is difficult to describe, but it was given to me ten years ago and I think it was originally designed to hold hardcover books in a zip-around, semi-structured canvas case that conveniently has a long shoulder strap too.

Voila! Room for reading material, my writing notebook, my sketchbook, stationery, pens, stamps, and maps.

new (old) commuter bookbag

One setback, one success. Now pardon me while I go dig up the earbuds that came with my iPod. I don’t like how they fit in my ears, but sucky stereo is still better than wonky mono.

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