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Thanks, birthday-wishers! I had a lovely day that continued on into the weekend, including dinner with friends on Friday, seeing Will Durst on Saturday, and meeting a friend’s brand-new puppy on Sunday, not to mention all the fabulous home-cooked (made-to-order, even) meals from the MSG, or all the EverQuest II. It was a stellar birthday weekend.

I really don’t have a lot to say except that the 71 Haight-Noriega bus riders are almost as aggressive as those on the 1 California, except the riders of the 71 all seem very close to losing their shit entirely, right there, right on the corner of Market and Van Ness, if you can call that sort of angle a corner which I really don’t, but still these people are so practically unhinged that I gripped my backpack and my purse and when it came time to exit I shoved myself at the other passengers while screaming “BACK DOOR!” just to manage to get off at my stop because if I waited one second longer I was going to get another crotch shoved in my cranial region and I don’t know any of those people well enough for that to happen with such regularity, such alarming regularity, and such gusto and also perhaps such defiance, as if to say, I dare you, tiny person laden with luggage, I dare you to utilize your elbow in a thrusting, jabbing manner, and I dare you to head-butt my package. That’s just nothing you should be daring anyone to do. Not unless you’re wearing a cup. But I survived, and so did everyone’s genitalia, and I won’t be riding the 71 anytime soon again.

Also, I am going to change careers and I am going to learn how to draw and also I am going to try out for Jeopardy.

But first … a little sleep.

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