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If you switch to my FeedBurner feed in your RSS reader, you will be 4 times happier when you wake up in the morning. It contains no trans fat and is completely biodegradable. Well, not really, but it is pretty neat.

Sorry, LiveJournal readers. You can’t switch feeds with LiveJournal’s RSS syndication. But you can sign up for email updates instead!

While we’re mentioning LiveJournal, I’ll repeat it once more: I do not receive any comments you leave on my feed there. Ever. Your comments stay up on the site a few days – I am never notified of their existence – and then they disappear into the ether. So just don’t. Comment on my website instead. It’s not that hard. I’ve even set it up so you can login with your LiveJournal username.

Seriously, now that LiveJournal and Movable Type are bedfellows, you’d think that they’d have all this sorted.

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