grazed knees

That Johari/Nohari stuff certainly is thought-provoking, both as the window and the windee.

I drove home today, instead of taking the ferry, just because I felt like it. It took me 40 minutes, door-to-door, instead of 100. I listened to Snow Patrol for a little while, and then I didn’t listen to anything, but practiced being present. The gloaming never fails to amaze me as it encounters the bridge and those first few breaths of the City.

Just now I gave myself a homework assignment: discover the difference between humility and humiliation. I know in my brain there is one, but my heart isn’t quite there yet, and it needs to be for me to be happier, calmer, and less afraid. I would like to know what you think about this, so please leave your thoughts in a comment here.

(And welcome to the world, Rupert. You now share a birthday with someone I admire greatly.)

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