extremely awesome

Extremely awesome things about my life today:

  • Not to be clichéd, but it’s Friday.
  • Beth sent me chocolate. From England. Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut. And there is still some left.
  • I got to help a Japanese student set up a wireless connection on his laptop. Don’t ask me how we did it; he barely spoke any English and I no Japanese, but we pointed and grunted and nodded and I think I recognized some characters even though I’ve had almost no exposure to kanji. My inner linguist is very glowy.
  • I somehow managed to get all the students and the irregulars out of the Library by 17:07 on a Friday. This is quite a feat, especially since both the Bride (so named after the Bride of Frankenstein) and the Disk Warrior (so named because she saves her documents to a bajillion different floppy disks) were in their usual fine form.
  • I get to play EQ2 and cook and watch movies with the MSG this weekend.
  • I get to nap on the ferry in a few minutes.

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