dear petty girl on the plane

You know, this “best of craigslist” post might be funny to me if it didn’t perfectly exemplify a trait I abhor that seems to be more prevalent with each passing day.

If you’re going to discriminate against someone, or a group of someones, be honest about it. Don’t be all fake-nice and state things like “i by no means hate fat people” in the middle of a rant about a fat person who deigned to sit next to you on a plane and inconvenienced you by forcing you – o, the injustice! – to interact with her in order to move your seat back. Did that happen, what, a total of twice? Three times? In over nine hours of flying?

What, did just being near a fat person make you so insecure about your own vanity that you actually had to think about something more challenging than posting to craigslist? I am so, so sorry. It must have been so awful for you. Traumatizing, even. I’m glad to see that your snarky “wit” survived the skirmish intact.

Call it what it is. I hate people who talk on their mobiles in public. I’m not proud of that fact, but I’m not going to lie to you, either. It is a huge challenge for me to experience their rudeness day after day and not start hitting people over their heads with a rolled-up newspaper, yelling, “Bad commuter! BAD! No Nokia for you!” let alone expect them to reimburse me for my Muni fare. Neither one of us believes in “the freedom to do or eat anything you want so long as it does not infringe on my freedom.” Replace that last “freedom” with “comfort”. We’re both being petty. At least own up to it.

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