stikipad: whoa.

Last weekend, the MSG turned to me and said, “You are the most web-gadgety person I know.” Since he works in software, I consider this an accomplishment. A sick, sad accomplishment, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

I leap on the new website bandwagons as early as possible, not because I’m compulsive or anything … wait, yes, I am. But it’s more my curiosity than my compulsion. I want to try new things. I want to break new things. I want new things to surprise me and make me go “whoa” just like Keanu. Right before I break them.

Sometimes people suffer because of my pursuit of the whoa. Because of me, Inkbot failed her saving throw against the online doll maker and spent multiple hours creating her friends in 2D miniature. (They’re really accurate, by the way.)

I’ve even made my co-workers suffer. A few months back, I had this smashing idea to revolutionize information-sharing in my department at work: instead of a battered spiral notebook, we would use a wiki! I was pretty psyched about wikis, and there were lots of different ones for me to obsess over, so this seemed like a great idea. Naturally, my co-workers became good-natured guinea-wiki-pigs.

But I was not satisfied. I did not get my whoa. Instead, I got a lot of headaches, fiddling with settings, trying to lock pages so our work-study students didn’t erase them, etcetera.

Then I found Stikipad. And everything changed. This is where this starts to sound like a Toyota commercial, or a religious tract. But it is neither. It is better. It is a Website Testimonial, and everyone likes those.

(Shh, you do. Play along.)

With Stikipad, I created exactly the wiki I wanted. It was effortless, because the interface is so intuitive, clean, and fast. Within no time at all, we had over 50 pages posted. I can obsessively check the “recently revised” section, and I can even keep track of new issues and concerns with its RSS feeds.

So of course I promptly made another wiki, this time as my private braindump, and you know what? Whoa.

But the very coolest thing about Stikipad was discovering quite serendipitously when sending feedback that my friend Matthew is one of the two founders. Go Matthew! And go you, right now, to sign up for the Stikipad public beta action. It’s going to whoa you.

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