at the press of a button

I have a very fancy computer keyboard now. I can check email with the press of a dedicated button. I can also do many other things, like put my computer to sleep, or skip to the next track in iTunes, or bring about the end of days.

This fancy keyboard thing got me all productive-like. Tonight I started writing a wedding ceremony I will be performing this year, which got me thinking about writing something else … a play. I haven’t revisited the idea of writing a one-woman show for my mom in years; I put it on the back burner when my life a-splode in 2002. Now I’m getting a bit thrilled about it again.

That brought me back to the idea of weddings as mini-plays, symbolic bits that are performed for the benefit of our own dearest audiences. People even clap and throw things at the end. “The end” is followed by “happily ever after”.

I can’t bring myself to write much more about that tonight.

My Waterman Carène returned to me yesterday with a brand-new nib. It writes like the dream I tried to have three years ago.

I had beets and tuna fish and broccoli for lunch. I would have kept on eating them forever, but then I filled up on water and my stomach stopped expanding and I had to go back to placing red checks on white paper next to black text: the big inventory project is finally here. All I could think about the rest of the day was opening up a book to find white mocha pages printed with hazelnut words.

Excuse me, I must go drink another liter of water.

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