dear 2006

Three years ago, after my worst year yet, I wrote a letter to 2003. I like this tradition, so here goes.

Dear 2006:

You have a lot to live up to, I’m afraid. 2005 has been quite a year. I have named it the Year of Coming to Terms With All That Bullshit You Thought, Foolishly, You Were So Over, or at Least Over Last Year.

Some of it has been a bit redundant, and it’s getting boring, so 2006, you and I will do some new things. Some very new things. Painfully new. Humblingly new. Just really new, okay? Let’s figure out the neat, interesting things about me instead of only reviewing the dark, ugly parts in therapy.

2005 brought me new friends in a most excellent writing group, fun times with the SFlickr crowd, a superb trip to Ireland and Catalonia, and increased happiness with the MSG. There was also an incredible amount of fantastic food. More of all of the above, please. Also please bless my friends’ babies, just born and almost born, because babies are not all that bad when they’re 500+ miles away.

I need you to be better to Lara than 2005 was. You could also cut the MSG a break or two. He’s been working so hard.

Also, could you do something about the current administration? I’m not going to write about it anymore, because it infuriates me to do so, but I need a little hope on this front.

And in return, I will be extra good to you! See this pretty Moleskine planner I bought just for recording your every date? And I have nice pens, too. Plus, I’m cleaning and reorganizing all of my possessions. No more after-work stress! And yes, yes, I will be more present and will stop obsessing over … um. Everything.

As always, why does Jewel get book deals and I don’t? Please look into this ASAP. Thanks.


P.S. Yes, the rumor is true: I’m starting you smoke-free.

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