merry dithermas

I don’t like shopping, but I love giving gifts … but most people cringe at homemade gifts. Plus I don’t really know how to make any. I could probably figure out how to crochet bookmarks, but I mean jesus. Crocheted bookmarks. Am I 80 yet?

Giving gift cards has been called “cheesy” by some folks I know, but I rather like receiving them.

I can never remember who eats chocolate or doesn’t, drinks coffee or doesn’t, likes flowers or plants or NASCAR or raccoons or doesn’t.

I’m known for giving books, because I am around so many and can usually place them appropriately. But I imagine people who are not me might be tired of books. And once you’ve given someone a fountain pen, I think it’s sort of strange in a senile way to give them another and another, unless they’re a collector, or, again, me.

Really honestly I’ve done most of my shopping and I hate what I’ve gotten for everyone and do we all have this experience of this time of year because it really sucks and I’d like to avoid it someday. Tomorrow would be nice.

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