purge help needed

Anyone who has undergone a major purge of their possessions, especially books and clothing, please share your tips and tricks with me. (LiveJournal users who are subscribed to my site: I do not receive any comments you leave there for me! Please come over here instead!)

The clothing I’ll probably just donate to Goodwill, but the books I’d like to recoup some cost on, so I’m slogging through the process of cataloguing all of my books. Then I can submit the list of what I want to sell to used bookstores, thus preventing the unnecessary schlepping of heavy boxes all around town. I’m bad at mailing packages in a timely fashion, so selling anything on Amazon or is vastly unappealing.

My room has gone from slightly unkempt to a total sty because of this undertaking, and since work has been so dreadful lately, my get up and go done got up and went. I know I can work on this over the holiday break, but that seems so far off when I come home and look at the chaos that is my room. It makes me want to toss all my crap into boxes and leave them on the curb.

Anyway, your tips are appreciated. Thanks.

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