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april cloud I missed posting my therapy roundup yesterday. It wasn’t very exciting or groundbreaking, just another discussion on trust and truth, one of those “foundation” sessions that are important in their own way but don’t make for interesting journal entries.

Mobile phones are becoming a real problem in the library. We’ve disallowed them entirely – of course, we can’t police what every single patron brings into the library, so “talking on mobile phones” is really what’s disallowed – but people still break the rule, time and time again, often flagrantly. When I correct them, they glare at me and stomp off. I hate baby-sitting college students.

(from my coworker's brain and

For the first time in a long time, I am experiencing hormonally-induced hypersensitivity. While listening to Laurence Rees, the author of “Auschwitz: A New History”, talk about the Holocaust on NPR today, I broke down in tears, and then felt utterly phony for doing so, since how could I have even an iota of understanding for what it was like to live and die in Nazi Germany?

I feel strangely free inside a parked car. I cry; I fall asleep; I sing; I meditate. I read; I write; I listen; I look out the window. And sometimes I even take pictures of clouds that make me smile.

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