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sunshine flowers

sunshine flowers These happy flowers were blooming in the sunshine outside of the ferry terminal in Larkspur on Friday morning. sunshine flowers” by cygnoir

I’m using 1001 and ecto to post this, a fantastic combination indeed for Flickr bloggers everywhere.

There isn’t much for me to write at the moment. I started watching “Epidemic” with the MSG, but he got too tired and had to go to sleep. Part of me wants to go to bed now, too, but I also want to read more of Running with Scissors: A Memoir. I’m kind of bummed out that I missed participating in the group moblog project this time around, but there will be another.

April Fool’s Day left me a little cold this year. It seemed like most of the pranks were either too self-referential or too mean. I must be getting old and stodgy.

[currently listening to What I’m Trying to Say from the album “Set Yourself On Fire” by Stars]

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