challenge update

Last night I had a craving for crab rangoon as well as hot and sour soup, so I ate them, and have leftover soup for lunch today. Mmm.

Last night I also spent an hour on the phone chatting with my mom, which was nice, but the undercurrent in her voice – worry that my life is not following her idea of how it should – made me a little sad. Okay, it made more than a little sad, mostly about making her worry but also about letting her down. But then I remembered how awesome my life is, and how I’m not letting anyone at all down by being myself, unconventional though I may be … and I wasn’t sad anymore.

Very soon I will be attending the Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday at Grace Cathedral in order to fulfill February’s challenge, and I am extremely excited and nervous about it. I have not attended Mass in over ten years. It will be nice to see Mary again, even under sad circumstances. She was always my favorite part. And I am so down with G-O-D. Just not the rules and the killing others in his name and the hating on people for being different and also the abstinence stuff.

What do people wear to church these days? Is a jaunty felt fedora inappropriate?

For March’s challenge, now that March is almost over, I cleaned my room. No, no, just kidding. I think I’m going to pick a semi-easy one for March and so here it is: I am going to hang the curtain I made in January! V. exciting, especially since I have no idea how to do that.

So as of this post, I am formally accepting April challenges. Let’s avoid things that either (a) invade my flatmate’s personal space and/or peace of mind or (b) force me to interact with multiple crazy people on the streets of San Francisco. The winner receives a mix CD (Jen, yours is going in the mail this week, I swear) and there is a BONUS PRIZE this month! This BONUS PRIZE is a handwritten letter from me on very chic stationery my dad gave me!

How does one qualify for this BONUS PRIZE (love typing that), you might ask? I might tell you that the BONUS PRIZE will be given to the winning entry that requires a month-long commitment, i.e. Jen’s suggestion of going vegetarian/vegan for an entire month. But I am not doing that one, you see, because I am in love with a fabulous cook who is way too busy with MajorLifeChanges™ to readjust his entire diet around my weird little whims. Also, fish, meat, and poultry. hel-LO!

Ready? Set? Go!

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