Hmm, no one showed up for my ergonomic desk checkup appointment today. Not that I’m too worried about that. I’m huddled in my freezing office, hunched over my desk while squinting at the too-small laptop screen. My wrists are lying flat on a board laced with rusty nails and razorblades, and I am using an actual mouse but it wriggles a lot when I plug it in so I have to switch off sometimes with the more lethargic gerbil.

The rest of the visit with my dad and stepmom was terrific. I am a little worn out right now, having spent 95% of the past five days Around People. I haven’t had much time to write, which means the characters in my head are really pissed off at me and showing it by littering in all the corners and slamming doors. I hate that.

Despite the literary angst-fest, I am in marvelous spirits. Now if I could just stop obsessing over Plaxo, this online address book thing I joined ages ago but never paid much attention to until the MSG mentioned it last week. Must … synchronize … all … information.

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