blue skies and paper swans

Well, haven’t I just been Ms. Whiny McCrankypants lately? That’s a shame, since there are such good things happening in my life. I really must learn to get over myself.

The weather this week has been absolutely stunning: nothing but blue skies and balmy temperatures. Spring is sproinging! I only had one day off last weekend, but I get this Friday off, and I intend to wring every last moment of goodness out of it. My dad and stepmom arrive in just over a week for a visit. I can’t wait to see them!

Last Saturday, my dear MSG hosted a dinner party for a few of my friends. It was a ravishing success. The menu, all created or acquired by him:

  • crostini with classic raw tomato/basil/garlic dipping sauce
  • tuscan white bean puree
  • “yellow indian woman”-bean salsa
  • truffled four-onion vichyssoise
  • rosemary braised potatoes with red peppers
  • roasted blood orange with beets and chervil
  • baked anelli with fontina sauce bechamel
  • Bay Bread’s hazelnut parisian macaroons
  • olive-oil-roasted pecans with 35 year-old port
origami swansI don’t think I have to explain just how wonderful everything tasted, and how much sweeter it was to share it all with dear friends. We laughed so much. I read a poem I wrote, as is my (fairly new) birthday tradition; I would post it here but I intend to publish it once I’ve revised it a bit more.

I folded 32 origami swans, pictured at right, for decorations. This was much more difficult than I imagined, but very enjoyable once I got the hang of it, almost meditative.

I have taken to riding the bus home from the ferry terminal instead of the subway. It’s less crowded, but definitely more interactive. Last night, a gentleman was singing tonelessly to the passengers around him. As some teenagers laughed and made fun of him, he told them that it was his third day of being off crack, and if he could bring laughter to their lives then he was doing all right. Indeed.

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