an expensive doorstop

My Sidekick 2 has had no data service for the past three days, and this just a month after the last big network outage. On top of that, my voicemail indicator – the one that was already flaky – persists despite having no new messages. Before you ask: yes, I’ve done many, many soft resets. Nothing has worked.

I truly regret purchasing this gadget last autumn. It worked well for a few months, but now I’m paying $20 a month to be a beta tester, and I resent that. It would be slightly more tolerable if I hadn’t been told outright by T-Mobile representatives that they were about to release software to sync the SK2 with a Mac. (Despite a mention of it still showing up on their website, it’s vaporware.)

I don’t know whether T-Mobile or Danger dropped the ball with this “degradation in service”, but the bad press has begun, and I’m charging up my old Nokia. The good news is that “there are still some remaining problems on Danger’s end, but that about 90% of customers should have normal service”! The bad news is that I’m in the 10%.

Good night. There will be happier ramblings tomorrow about Saturday’s lovely dinner party with most excellent friends.

(Edited to add: My post to this thread in the forums was deleted mere minutes after I wrote it. In it, I expressed concern that there were no official updates from Danger regarding a 72-hour outage. I also dared to wonder if their silence meant they had no idea what was causing the outage. Why that was so offensive that it needed to be censored, I have no idea. Unless, of course, it’s true.)

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