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you owe me

The Interpol album “Antics” has finally grown on me. I hated it at first; it seemed way too whiny and one-thump for my tastes. Now I get it. It just took a while.

The MSG and I made it exactly 39 minutes and 41 seconds through “Swimming Pool” last night before turning it off in favor of EverQuest II. Not even Ludivine Sagnier’s breasts could hold our attention. But it was nice to meet them so thoroughly.

I shouldn’t be surprised by strangers online who importune with ridiculous requests merely because I have a (webcam|journal|homepage). Yet I am, and I really wonder about the mindset of expecting pieces of other people in exchange for nothing but an assertion of preference. “I like fingernails. You should cut off your fingernail and send it to me.” What? Okay, so I like having enough money to travel the world and never work again. Where’s my cheque?

The whole thing sounds like I like you, therefore you owe me this. What does that even mean? Is it possible to remove the concept of a transaction from online interaction, or are we all on one market or another?

Netsuke SwanThank goodness those of you who read and comment regularly do not fall into this category. I can brush away the mosquito-buzz of the others with the understanding that there are people who appreciate the connection (or disconnection, as it sometimes is) for what it is and not what it costs.

On a happier note, isn’t this little swan lovely? (Edited to add: It’s netsuke carved out of solid teak, and now it is mine!)

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