that funky monkey

In a stroke of un-genius last week, disguised as an effort to cheer myself up, I set my SK2’s ringtone to Beastie Boys’ “Brass Monkey”.

I did not consider the possibility of waking up at 05:00 this morning to the heartfelt strains of THAT FUNKY MONKEY echoing throughout the MSG’s place. We hadn’t gotten to sleep more than a half-hour prior to this serenade. I was relieved to discover that it was no family or flatmate emergency, but merely my student assistant calling off sick.

Then I realized that the student was scheduled to open the library at 07:30. I am due in at 09:30 on Mondays, in order to stay late to cover for one of my employees, who is taking a graduate-level course on Monday afternoons. Instead I dragged myself in two hours earlier on roughly an hour of sleep. All told, counting the car/ferry/subway commute, I won’t get home until at least 20:30.

Well, at least I’ll be exhausted enough to get a full night’s sleep tonight!

I realized, also, that today is the last day of February and I still haven’t completed my monthly challenge. Due to its nature and my present state, I won’t get it done before tonight, so it will have to carry over into March. As soon as I finish it – and write about it – I will choose another one.

I just submitted a budget for my department’s student employment next year but I have no idea if it’s flawed or not. I triple-checked the numbers but none of them look right, like they are in another language I can’t quite grasp.

I wish there were some way to smooth out the creases in my life right now, like running my palms over a damp linen tablecloth. Were I a person of faith, I would be praying every night to the patron saint of fewer disruptions. I imagine the saint would be able to calm a person just with a beatific smile, would never speak above a whisper, and would smell always of vanilla and sage.

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