shut up, it’s just cereal

I did not know that my T-Mobile voicemail could get any more messed up. It has. Now I no longer receive a text message for new voicemail, which would be fine if the Sidekick 2’s voicemail indicator worked properly. It doesn’t. Plus, sometime yesterday I received five voicemail messages but could only access one of them. I also have lost my greeting schedule, which was set to inform people during my working hours that I keep my ringer off because, well, I work in a library. Not that my ringer profile was set properly, because it wasn’t.

I also did not know that you burn calories while you sleep. Not many, of course, but it makes sense. So I need to get more sleep, and not just because my right eye is twitching something awful, always an indication that I’m not sleeping enough. We won’t talk about the visual disturbances. (P.S. That is a nice way of saying “hallucinations”.)

My new personal trainer is nothing less than awesome. Not only is he teaching me about the importance of sleep, but he’s got me on free weights instead of those dreadful machines. And we talk about how to raise my metabolism, which means I have more energy and get to eat more food. Mm, food. Mm, food the MSG makes for me.

So I have been a little sleep-focused, which for me means nightmares. The last one I had was of my friend M. We were in a grocery store in Ohio and he was crying, crying, unable to find cereal in any of the aisles that stretched on for days, and it was so crazy, I wanted to hit him in the arm and say SHUT UP it’s JUST CEREAL but at the same time I knew it wasn’t about cereal at all. It was about a girl. Because that’s just how these nightmares go: I can’t console someone who needs it desperately, and I end up so frustrated that I want to hit him but not really him but me. Also I paid $8.41 for a bottle of water. Talk about a nightmare.

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