what you really need to know

No original content this week. Everything I’m reading is uninspiring, especially the Intarweb. Hoo boy, there’s a ton of passive-aggressive posts floating around this week. The collective unconscious must be feeling really fat in these jeans.

Instead, Googlism has revealed everything you really need to know about me:

  • halsted is under construction and unridable
  • halsted is nearly identical to every other station built in the eisenhower expressway
  • halsted is where the animals are slaughtered
  • halsted is gay ground zero in chicago
  • halsted is black
  • halsted is a fellow of the american association for the advancement of science
  • halsted is classified as a british country singer
  • halsted is in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • halsted is honest
  • halsted is just as adamant that accreditation will not involve teachers
  • halsted is the best i’ve had so far
  • halsted is the first one out
  • halsted is the make
  • halsted is on the right
  • halsted is revealed as cool
The Intarweb would also like me to tell you that those asinine TrackBack spammers found a way around my blacklist, so fuck TrackBack. I don’t have the time to spend on de-spamming my entire database every day.

If television is the opiate of the masses, spam is the nitrous huffed in the masses’ parents’ basement while listening to Pearl Jam and considering the masses so fucking credible and “real”.

Creativity and stability are dead. Long live cheap Xanax and online poker.

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