challenge accepted

I must say, choosing this month’s challenge was much more difficult than I thought it was going to be, because your suggestions seriously rocked my socks.

From the hilarious (tyee’s expired food products) to the overwhelming (fivecats’ NOW challenge) to the just plain scary (monkeymind’s improv comedy workshop), I had a wealth of suggestions to choose from. I would really love to pick up a musical instrument, but counted that out since I’ve taken both piano and drum lessons in the past, plus I don’t have an isolated place in which I can practice without disturbing anyone. (Believe me, cirocco and fallingman, Inkbot thanks you, even if she doesn’t know it yet.) Indoor gardening is another wonderful idea, but Zen eats and then regurgitates whatever plants I bring into the flat. Learning a new language is so exciting for me that I figured it would be cheating to pick that one. And I like the idea of interacting with and photographing strangers, but I already have a difficult enough time just making it from my flat to the ferry without being approached by a number of creepy people. (That’s San Francisco for you.)

But I had to pick just one, and I’m already a day late, so here it is:

Jen is the winner, with “go to a church/religious service as an impartial observer.”

This may seem pretty tame, especially alongside spelunking and piloting and bicycle-fixing, but it blew my mind when I read it. Yes, of course. To go back and face the Church after such a falling-out half my life ago … it’s too weird and intriguing for me to pass up. Plus, I’ve considered attending Mass at Grace Cathedral more than once in the past few years, although I think it would be fascinating to experience a new religion. I wonder if I could just wander into a Quakers meeting or a Jewish temple without upsetting anyone.

So Jen, you win for February! I’ll work on that mix CD. Hmm, I wonder if it should be religiously-themed as well …

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who participated. I’m sorry I don’t have time to address each challenge individually. Like I said, I’m keeping these in mind for March’s challenge, but I’ll post again about it in a few weeks so you can submit new ideas. And someone needs to come up with a better name for my monthly challenge because I despise “Fear Factor” and, well, “monthly challenge” sounds like a female condition.

O, and I would be remiss not to mention the man on the subway tonight who was carrying a plastic bag with not one but four boxes of Wheat Thins. I am so curious about people who buy Wheat Thins in bulk. What do you do with that many Wheat Thins? Perhaps they are part of his challenge for February!

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